Big Unstructured Data and SpaceTech for the Green Energy transition

We want to tackle the biggest challenges posed by renewable energies


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What We Provide

Energy Management

Big Unstructured Data le verging dynamic data and AI platform for real time forecasting, nowcasting and automated Smart Energy system optimization

System Flexibility

Real-time forecasting to foster Demand Response mechanisms for the efficient use of Decentralized Flexible assets like Electric Vehicles

Alternative Data

An accessible platform for alternative data to the whole energy value chain, unleashing the opportunities of a 10 B€ geospatial analytics worldwide

New Energy Systems

Fully digital energy systems with multi- directional and highly integrated flows to support the Green energy transition

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Global Energy Big Data Analytics

Big Data Market 2020
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Big Data Market 2025
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Energy IT investments
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Why Choose Us

We provide the most extensive Big Unstructured Data platform the energy sector ever needed

And our disruptive technology stack makes it easier

Internet of Things

We use unique alternative data sources coming from IoT


We use sensors data cast to bring more value to our data

Satellite Images

We use unstructured data sources such as Earth Observation satellite images

Transmission System Operators

We use energy chain actors like TSOs to optimize their strategy


Data Value Chain

Our solutions

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Awesome People

Milos Ciganovic AlphaEdge Project Manager

Milos Ciganovic

Project Manager

Carlo Longo AlphaEdge Risk Manager

Carlo Longo

Risk Manager

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